lol no worries man, hey if you ever needs dome tips or advice i always like to help another fellow sc2 member or someone that is thinking of joing the onslaught. I have a lot of fun on there and watching the MLG players playing it is very intriguing
I've tried SC2 a few times but I just can't get the hang of it and would love some tips if anyone would like to help :)

Like, I just have trouble understanding a lot of it - but that could be for lack of trying. I have a tendency to have a practice game, lose, get frustrated coz I don't know what I'm doing and give up. I'm a stubbourn little bit- uhh, girl-, so I try and teach myself things and it isn't working out. If anyone has any *good* websites they can suggest (SC2 for Dummies, anyone?) I'd really like to learn how to play properly. :)