Screen Tearing issues


Jun 30, 2012
Hey there i just got my new M17x R4 a few days ago and i have been having a few issues with persistent screen tearing in games. I have tried googling and trying to find the answers myself but nothing seems to be working out for me. a few key things to note here with my problem.

1. I have V-Sync switched on always in every game.
2. The games i have tested so far are Crysis 2, Mirrors edge, The Witcher.
3. I have installed the latest driver from the Dell website (problem existed before and after doing so).
4. With Crysis 2 the problem seems to go away or not be very apparent at least when the game is running windowed.

The games are being run on my 7970m.

Hoping someone here is able to figure this out because i have no idea, i can't get the CCC override to force V-Sync on top of the games either and limiting FPS on afterburner to 60 doesn't do anything either :(
I had a very similar problem with my GTX 670; the fix was to go into the Nvidia Control Panel and force V-sync for all games. But if you can't do that with the Catalyst Control Center then I have no idea what to tell you. Maybe update the drivers? That was another fix I found; I updated my drivers to Nvidia's 304.48 beta drivers.