Selling 780 classified


Apr 12, 2012
I'm selling my beast of a card, this card is amazing on air, water should be even better. If you know nothing about this card you'd better read up. It's a gimped titan, no compute feature, and 3gb vram instead of 6gb. It has dual bios switch, one which is stock, the sec is ln2 which mine is flashed with skynets special bios for more power target and voltage. Alot of people don't like to hear this, but this card is more powerful than a titan. I'm on ocn.net and have benchmarks numbers over numerous titans. The only titans ahead of me are voltage unlocked, under water and literally benched with ln2.

My card has Samsung memory which is the best bc it overclocks the best. With precision x I can oc the core to 1430mhz and memory to 3764 mhz while benching. Gaming I can run 1261mhz core, memory 3400mhz stable in every game. I could go higher, but that's at 1.2v from precision x, and temps are awesome. With the overclock software from evga, you can go up to 1.35v and more on mem, that's how you bench.

I'm rock solid at $520 shipped, this is a binned and tested card with the backplate that's $25 extra. New it's $560 or so + the backplate, evga is not shipping these with Samsung memory anymore though so overclocking won't be as good. I'm only selling bc I'm getting a 780ti kingpin(which isn't cheap), I want this card to have a good home.

I only except paypal and will ship out asap.

Edit...This card has 3 warranty from evga and it transfers, I've talked to an evga rep. They know what this card is for and will replace it.

Gpuz validation...http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/dm4zp/

tappin from the neXus 5
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