Selling: Area 51 M9750 for Parts or Restoration


Aug 10, 2016
Looking to sell my Area 51 M9750.

Ill get straight to the point,

Its got no battery
Its missing various screws
No AC Adapter
It doesnt boot, can't test due to no ram
Some of the coating is deteriorated and needs a good cleaning.

Keyboard is near pristine
Track pad & Palm rest are also near pristine
When testing with a battery, the alien head lights up, the power button flashes and makes noise. Good chance there's still life in it.
DUAL GeForce Go 7950GTXs I believe
Unknown Core 2 Duo CPU present
Usable parts, may be an easy restoration
Heatsinks in good condition
Interior of the laptop is very clean it seems, only opened the access panel on the bottom

I am NOT the original owner, I may not even be the second. I cannot guarentee the integrity of this system or whether it is missing more than what I have already listed.

I will link the eBay listing, Forum members if you are interested, let me know now! The starting bid is $75 and $25 shipping. If you want it let me know Ill end the auction and put it up for buy it now for $75. Otherwise, Its $75 to start, buy it now at $105 due to eBay not letting me put $100 Flat.

Link to the Auction

Thanks, -Andrew