Selling Dual 7970 from M18X R2


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Dec 16, 2016
Hello all,

This is my story. 3 or 4 years ago, I purchased my M18xR2 configure with dual AMD 7970, only a few months later I got one Nvidia 680M thinking I would sell the 7970s to pay for the upgrade.... well, I moved, and the 7970s whent into a box and never came out... until now. I just want to get rid of it at a fair price. Here is what is included. Two 7970 cards, the 2 heatsinks, the crossfire cable, and some paste.
card id cn-0747m2-75093-269-OAFA-AO1

If anyone is interested, I can send more pics, how much would you offer?

link to image:
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