Selling my i7 3840QM and 2 x GTX 675M's


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Due to the close arrival of some upgrades that I have purchased for my M18x R2, I am selling off the original parts. I have 1 x Intel 3840QM and 2 x GTX 675M's. I have put them up on eBay Australia. I have only put for Australian buyers but I am happy to sell them to a select few trusted individuals on here. Could be a reasonable upgrade for one of your machines.
Remember that the 675M's are really just 580M's so they are really only an upgrade for 660M's, 560M's and lower.
Links below

Intel Core i7 3840QM
NVidia GTX 675M #1
NVidia GTX 675M #2