Seriously considering ordering the X51 this weekend, need some Samsung SSD info


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Oct 27, 2012
1) I'm debating either getting the 256GB SSD option, OR getting the cheapest 1TB HDD option and putting in a Samsung 2.5" 7mm 512GB SSD

These are a little slimmer than normal, will I have a problem mounting it to a bracket and have it slide right in?​

2) Anyone know the (approx) length of the power cord BETWEEN the PC and the brick?

I'd like for the brick to lay on the ground behind my desk, but obviously I don't want it to hang. Just wondering for where to put the box.​

3) I see some people are putting in the 670 FTW and down-clocking the voltage... if I decide to do this too, what should I set it to?

The Voltage / Clock downclocking is more important to me than fan speed​

4) Is there potential of eventually frying the machine by putting in a video card that's more Watts/Volts than the 330PSW can handle?

While I'd like a little more "oomph" and I see from the Dell support boards some people are having issues with the OEM card, I also don't want to mess up this nice machine​
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Mar 19, 2012
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Sorry, can't help you too much with these questions but there are a few guys here that have probably given the 670 a go. I have heard that some people haven't needed to downclock their card.

I would definitely get the HDD with your order and upgrade to an SSD yourself.

Hopefully someone here can give you a bit more info and lead you in the right direction.

If I were you, I would just order one now and start worrying about the upgrades once you have it. :D