Shame u_u

As many of your won't know, I have owned an Alienware beast, as many of you may know, I don't anymore. When I bought that little monster I hoped it would have been my gaming machine for many years to come. Admittedly I should have done more research before jumping into such a big purchase, big because I make my own living, paying rent and such on the meager wage they allot to me.

Since then I've built my beastly beast, as soon in my signature. I've learned to Overclock on it, I learned what altering the wattage and timings means. I know what a MHz is compared to a GHz and what exactly it takes to crank it up to 5GHz. I learned about SATA speeds, how to get the most of them, I understand now how much temperature can be an issue. I could go on what I've learned since building my own computer, and I will look forward to the time when I can do it again.

Sadly, in pursuit of my dream job I've agreed with myself that I need to trade in my desktop... because I'll be going into art school, a very intensive art school for that matter, and since the industry standard is Mac, I should probably look into getting one. Not to mention, the allure of gaming will inevitably hit me and I will be pulled from the canvas to slay a dragon or scream Shazbot at those obviously hacking noobs (lol).

Oh I know, some people would say that I should just duel boot the machine with OSX, and I've tried without success. Mountain Lion is a truly great OS, utilizing computer hardware to it's best potential even on older Duo CPU's. But alas... my K series with it's holy unlocked multipliers and the GTX 660 are just too much power for it to harness.

I regretfully confess now.. that I will be trading in my beast desktop, for an iMac... The shame feels overwhelming. But I shan't forget the PC, comparing the two is like driving the hills of eastern Canada, they have very clear ups, and very clear downs, and when my loans are paid, I will be back into the PC gaming world with a vengeance. In anticipation I've already made a list of parts I would like, that will change however as technology continues on the relentless tracks of progress, but I look forward to it.

I won't be gone, but I certainly won't be active when spreading an opinion about PC parts and upgrades and while riding the white aluminum stallion of a Mac, it doesn't leave much room for credibility when doing so. But I'll be here.. Wish me luck.
I want to build myself a MicroATX system when next I can.

Thermaltake ARMOR A30 Black (possible)
Intel i5-3570K
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1866mhz
Corsair GS600 600W PSU
Corsair 256GB SATA III SSD
Corsair H100i
EVGA GTX 760 (or better)
ASUS Maximus V Gene

This is basically equivalent to what I'm running now price and performance wise... maybe if I win the lottery lol. If that happened I wouldn't stick to this though, that's for sure.