Should I be worried re loose fan on delivery


Jun 20, 2016
Hi guys, I received my X51 last night and was surprised to hear something rattling loose inside the case. When I opened the case I found that the fan for the graphics card was loose, not clipped to the chip. I ordered the extra-cute little GTX 745 as I plan to update it in due course when the dust settles on all the new graphics cards later in the year. The little fins on the graphics cards heatsink had a few dents on them.

I clipped the fan onto the card and reassembled. The hardware test didn't find any problems and the temps look good. Haven't done anything demanding yet though as still in the process of getting things set up.

I have to say that I'm really surprised that something like this could get thought QC. As you'd expect with a small fan loose inside the case, It was a really obvious rattling. Anyone with any common sense handling the unit would have realised immediately that it shouldn't have a rattle! Should I be worried that the loose fan will have caused problems during shipping or that something else might have slipped through QC? Advice appreciated!