Should I upgrade my BIOS?


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Dec 4, 2013
Thank you! The only big problem I'm having is that when I switch to using the two 260's the screen will go black but still displays a picture if you shine something like a flashlight on it. Would something like that be solved by an update?


Apr 15, 2013
Back in my college work study days, we had a couple laptops (Dells) that had the same issue, though they did not have add on video cards. What we found was that the laptop display had an 'invertor' that had gone bad and causing the issue just as you described you have with yours. We had to dis-assemble the laptop display to replace it ( was about $15 US). On one or two of them we actually had to replace the display itself.
What's weird is that this only happens when you switch display cards. the problem was exactly as you describe the problem you are having, the only difference is that you have add-on vid cards, the ones I repaired did not. Something to consider in your troubleshooting....Good Luck!
Usually you upgrade the BIOS if there are bug fixes or feature improvements that affect you... otherwise, if it isn't broken, don't fix it!

Check the change log for the BIOS to determine if you need to upgrade.

I've upgraded the BIOS for my desktop and it was hassle free... but... could easily have resulted in disaster, too... so... use caution when upgrading the BIOS.

And this should go without saying, but... if you do upgrade the BIOS, make sure you are plugged in and have a fully charged battery first... last thing you want is the BIOS upgrade to fail due to power outage.
My personal criteria when it comes to BIOS updates is " if it ain't broke ...". as you say yourself you do not notice any particular issues with your system that is purported to be fixed by the update concerned.

You could check each of the intermediate BIOS updates between yours and the latest, (if any) and check to see if they contain anything specifically beneficial to your system.

Some updates do provide more than just bug-fixes, such as updates to support new hardware, which should be installed, if you have installed or intend to install this newer hardware, otherwise, again, I would err on the side of caution