side panel light connector mods?


May 31, 2014
Thanks , the lights all are working but the side "head light" goes out after awhile and then if I squeeze the case together its OK again but will stop after a while again as I say it seems that its being pushed off by the sound proofing , I was wondering if the two parts could be fixed together into one unit
Oh, that makes more sense, ( assuming you mean the right side white PCB board with 4 Channels doesn't make exact contact.) I have the same case, and the foam doesn't seem to cause any issues? Is it possible that the gold pins are bent on 4 channel white PCB? Otherwise, maybe side panel is not latched to the side of case tight enough?

The simplest solution may involve:
bending pins outwards more
putting belt or bands around the case to hold the panel on tighter?
putting a few washers between white PCB and the case. ( It can still screw into the interior side of the case, but will stick out a few millimeter more, so that gold pins pressed into the side pannel more.)

Hopefully, all goes well. Are you selling the case, or using it for a cool build?
If anyone should need these "Alienware Light kit consists of a base bigger backend mother card and a small front-end daughter card that fits inside the bigger card. This card is known as ELC Board FX Light Card." I have a couple NOS that I bought off Ebay for some builds and didn't use them all.
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Mar 29, 2018
R. G. B. V+ easy to understand what is DET?