I know that it had a rough start but I grabbed this today and Im really enjoying it. I havent had one connection issue or had any trouble picking and playing on a server etc. Im only a few hours into it but Its bringing back great memories and 1989 flashbacks. (that last bit may have been the acid, it was good back then :) )

Its well worth a play if you liked the originals. I have found the lack of so called city size isn't an issue when you can run more than one anyway and link them and do deals for power/water/trash etc. I also am digging the whole linked to others play style if you want to and I think that it will be fun if you get with mates etc.

I will update more thoughts as I play more but so far for me its an 8.5 out of 10.

Anyone else grabbed it yet?
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This is EA fellas, I paid $68 (aussie) which was cheap as its $80-$90 depending on where you buy it, EA games generally hold their prices over here. Games like Sims 3 still sell here for $60 years after release. I do recommend grabbing it if you can snag yourself a copy cheap online etc. :)
I've been wavering over getting this myself, the lack of single player mode has sort of frozen my feet. But they're adding more stuff to it and I think if I see it under 60 somewhere I'll grab it up. EA is making me dole out money of all sorts, Sim City, the new Sims expansions, and Sims 4 coming out next year possibly. Darn you EA!