I've heard that it takes at least 300+ hours to beat. And there are constantly more quests popping up so you never really beat it.

Lol no.. I had the game done by the time I hit 150 hours. Literally I checked. 100% achievements, lvl 81 I got with the glitch.. but only after I had beat everything at lvl 62. I just wanted the sweet satisfaction of getting things to lvl 100 :3


Jul 13, 2012
I only played Skyrim for a week, so I didn't really give it a chance I guess, but it didn't suck me in as much as world of warcraft - so I went back to what I knew, lol!
I might give it another go soon; there's so much to learn though....


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
That all depends on what you want from your character. My first guy used magic so I pumped up my Destruction mostly. I'm using a warrior style character now so it's mainly One Handed, Armor, blocking, and Smithing. Enchanting is also pretty cool. I love having so many options!! One day I'll get everything to 100!