Sleep Mode missing After Installing Amplifier


Jun 9, 2016
Hi Guy,

Just received the AGA & RTX 3060, after connecting it to my X51 R3 with the latest software version installed the sleep mode is missing in the power button.

Follow the step posted on most website regarding how to enable back sleep mode, only hibernate mode shown instead of sleep mode.

Is there a way to enable back sleep mode with a AGA connected to X51 R3?

The current version of the software in my X51 R3 is
Bios: 1.2.15
Nvidia: 471.11
CommandCenter: 4.5.18
GraphicsAmplifier: 2.0.15

Beside that, in my CommandCenter AlienAdrenaline Graphics Amplifier it does not show the GPU Status (Integrated GP (iGPU), Internal GPU (dGPU), External GPU (xGPU))and Graphics Sync Button thingy. But currently my monitor hdmi is connected directly to the AGA and it working.