So - How do you re-install Windows? When it eventually dies?


Jul 14, 2017

In the past, there was always a separate partition (typically Drive D) that you would use when it came time to do the dirty deed.

Now what? There are no more disk drives, no optical drives, No separate partition I can see, Heck, NO owners manual!

Though I DID get this lovely card telling me you cashed my multi-thousand dollar check- I should say checkS I did buy 2 of them after all...

I think I failed to mention that Yeah, I DID pay the $50 extra for the Professional version of Win10... Huh... Didn't get any Owner's Manual for that either...
You could have included a re-install on a USB zip drive!

So simple question: Hopefully someone at Alienware knows - When Windows OR the hard drive Dies (and you know it will), I won't be able to get online anymore - So what am I suppose to do then? You know information that any sane individual would find in the back of an OWNERS manual....

Also - Why isn't there an Owners Manual for THIS machine, on THIS machine? As part of your other massive Alienware library? Too complicated maybe? My guess is that there just might be! But of course, since there's no "book" saying type in owner's manual in that big otherwise useless input box on the bottom left....

If you try that- you will get BING looking for CAR manuals.... go ahead, i'll wait....


Jan 30, 2014
Its easy actually. Just follow the instructions and you will need a working PC. I used my sisters laptop to download WIN10 installer on a thumbdrive. Worked perfectly on my new build with no operating system or drivers. I also didn't activate Windows10. The only diffference are some personal prefences you cant change in WIN10. Just watch the part about installing Win10