So I want to install some upgrades. Any ideas?


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Aug 15, 2014
Saint Louis
Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have been looking around and this seems to be the place to talk about potential upgrades.

Here is my system so you know what I am working with;

Aurora R4 ALX
Intel i7-3820
Nvidia GTX690
32GB Ram
Creative Sounds Blaster Z
2 HyperX 120GB SSD
2 WD Black 2 TB HDD
1 Blu-Ray Optical Drive
1 DVD Optical Drive
Windows 7 64 Ultimate

I'm currently still under warranty and will be for quite some time so any case modding is out of the question. I'm not exactly sure what kind of upgrades I can do, but I am very happy with my video card because I am not one to fix something that isn't broken. I can play every triple-A title on Ultra and my 3dMark test scores are quite good under the circumstances given that I have not OC'd anything as of yet.

So do you guys got any ideas that won't void the warranty and that is under $1000?

* I have heard that if you change the motherboard then the lights will no longer work. At first the motherboard and processor were the first 2 things I looked into, but Alienware tech support told me that if I changed the motherboard it would be basically handicapping my case. So I decided to not touch those 2 things.

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Maybe a better question would be, what have some of you guys done to your systems? Preferably that wouldn't void the warranty?

I am thinking about upgrading to a higher end memory, I have the standard 32GB that came with the R4 but would say changing it to Corsair Dominator or HyperX Beast make a significant difference in quality?

Same thing for power supply unit. I have been thinking about upping the power, what would I need to do so? 80 Plus Platinum, Gold, Silver etc.? Semi modular or fully modular? What wattage is to much and what wattage is just right?

Those are the only 2 upgrades that I can think of off the top of my head that make sense. Any suggestions?