so im still waiting for my replacement laptop

Alienware finally contacted me today and told me they can send me a new laptop with the 4930MX , 32gigs of ram, and dual 780m nvidia cards, but with quad 256 ssd raid array and NO dvd drive. or the same set up eith dual 770M video cards and a dvd drive.

I flipped out. how is that even possible? its possible because they are trying to send me a refurbished machine and not a new one. First of all, my laptop i bought had a msata drive and a regular hard drive . i bought a samsung ssd drive and started a raid array.

If they send me the system with the 4 ssd drives in a raid array will i be able to use my samsun 512gb SSD drive and my 512gb msata drive?

I'm friggin depressed over the whole situation. Does anyone who have the 4 ssd drive array know if i will be able to add my SSD drive and msata drive to the laptop? i could care less about hte dvd drive but i just bought the ssd drive and dont want to have it wasted now