Software Suggestions?

Ok so I'm patiently (that's a lie) waiting on my new M17x R4 being delivered (still in production) what I'm wondering is what software if any would you guys recommend as a "Must" to install on the beast? Obviously this will mainly be a personal preference for most but I'm curious..... System specs in my sig
K-lite codecs - decodes almost everything video and audio out there.
Anti-virus - whatever is your choice. i think you get Mcafee for free for 1.5yrs.
Razer Game Booster - shuts down all other non-required processes when you game.
JDownloader - recommened in this forum as a must have for web file downloading.
Rainmeter - desktop customiser.
VLC Player - Great for MKV formats and anything else that is proper bluray quality video.
absinthe - if you have a jailbroken iphone.
WinSCP - for FTP file management (if you are into that sort of thing)
Winamp - or something else equivalent for music management (i just hate itunes with a passion, and then you can install the Winamp fx :

I am sure that there is a ton more, but it is late for me and im sleepy. Had a horrible valentines with the wife. Had a fight. Sleeping on the couch. AWO is my recovery corner.
Hi guys! Took delivery of the beast on Monday.
Just want to know if there is a specific program that allows me to turn on/off the turbo boost.
I used to use AISuite on my desktop PC, but thats an asus program.
Any help would be appreciated.

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