Solid State Drive Options

Hey guys,
My next upgrade will be an SSD for my OS.
So looking at 80-100GB only.
I am thinking the drives are 3.5" right?
The prices in Australia are pretty steep!
I can't see the prices coming down dramatically anytime soon - are there any brands I should steer clear of?


Feb 26, 2012
i have a ocz vertex 2 in mine running the os only and love it.
its a 60 gig that i only paid 60 bux for off ebay new in box i think you can go a little bigger for 100 bux. but honestly in your aurora id run just your os on the ssd and everything else off a hdd i have a wd 1tb with the rest of my games and what not on it


Feb 21, 2012
No, they don't. You need to make sure it's specified they have the 3.5" adapter in the box.
Most likely there will be something like "Desktop kit" written, or something like that.

Regardless of that, the only brand I've read on the internet to stay off is Corsair, but I guess that's just personal opinions.
You might want to look into Crucial m4 or Samsung 830 series aswell. 128gb SSDs shouldnt be more than 150 €.
OK heres a good one:

I installed the SSD with the adapter plate in one of the spare drive bay - no luck not recognised!
I hook it up in the 5" drive bay under the BD_ROM - all working!
I have checked it is making good contact in the drive bay but still nothing!
Any suggestions?