Some Repasting Pics.

Sorry, I didn't realize my camera was set to some silly outdoor setting until like half way through the process so I'll post what I can.
Yes I know my repasting technique isn't perfect.. but I haven't had any problems at all, what so ever and Artic Silver isn't electrically conductive so I wasn't overly worried about it getting on those little metal bits. Also the stock paste that was on it was SO sloppy. Like overflow central sloppy.


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I'm not sure what kind of ratings that particular thermal paste gets, it's hard to say. The act of replacing the heat sink back on the CPU/GPU disperses the paste enough, it should be fine. The only thing I can think of is that you may have not pressed hard enough on the heat sink as such leaving air between the sink and the processor, that would indefinitely make your temps shoot up.
If you choose to do another re-paste and when you remove the heat sink again and the entire thing isn't covered then that was likely the problem.

This was a problem with my desktop, my application style wasn't perfect and I had this effect. Mind my CPU was running 100% loads with an Intel stock heat sink, I would have likely gotten up that high any way, maybe after a little more time. The solution was a liquid cooler with pre-applied paste that was half a milometer thick.

If you want that effect I suggest applying the paste to the processor and with a disposable piece of semi pliable plastic spread it lightly.