Sound and GPU Issue's M14XR1


Feb 25, 2014

Ive recently bought a M 14 X R1 but im having a few problams with it

1, When um using the audio drivers that came with it the sub woofer sounds really bad like its just vibrating, no matter how much I play about with the settings I cant get it to sound any better. I uninstalled the driver and the sound is fine just no bass at all.

2, when running on battery I loose alot of FPS even tho the GPU it set to run 100% in power management, I think the volts are been cut when its on battery, apparently this is a common problem but I haven't found a solution so far.

I swapped the 750 HDD for a 120GB SSD and then took out the DVD drive and put the 750GB in as storage drive
Windows 7 ultimate
I7 2760QM
6GB RAM (1x4GB 1x2GB) on CPU Z its says its running dual channel but is it??
Nvidia GT555M 3GB

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks, John