Sound blaster Recon3Di stopped working normally on onboard speakers, headphone jack OK!

Hi Everybody! I have a bit of a mystery here. Earlier this week I had noticed that my onboard speakers on my Alienware 17 R3 had stopped working when I was watching a video on Youtube. It may have crapped out earlier, but I know that this has been recent as last week I had no problems with the audio of the speakers. So, to be more specific, by "crapped out", I mean the audio would blip like every second while there was something playing (videos, MP3's, and so on...). Almost like if someone was turning the volume up and down (or on and off) every second on a car stereo while your connected MP3 player was running. I slid the volume bar, up and down and would notice the same blip but this time it would bounce like 3-4 times as it was fading out at the same time, almost like skipping a rock on a pond. This is super weird and of course annoying. I have so far done the following: removed the drivers and reinstalled them, I have reinstalled the OS (W10) to a lower revision number that I knew was working, updated the BIOS and down scaled the BIOS, but nothing. I have even been looking online for possible "firmware" updates/drivers for the actual device. I have also read that this is a latency issue, but how do you fix it? :( Meanwhile the headphone jack works flawlessly!

Does anyone know how the audio is fed through to the speakers and headphone jack? Are they independent of each other or come from the same bus?

Has anyone, had this issue too? Please let me know! Thanks! :cool: