Speaker issues


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Sep 15, 2013
Hey there guys... After a month with my 17, I must say im a little disappointed with it. The machine runs so cool, but the keyboard is a piece of sh... Now, im having speaker issues. A week ago I plugged it to my tv, and when I unplugged the hdmi, i lost my speaker sound. It returned after some tries of fixing it. Now, when I rebooted my pc, the speaker wont work. I ve tried everthing. I have the latest drivers and all... already tried reinstalling it. Headphones works ok.

thanks guys


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
no need for the attitude m8 not everyone here is a computer pro, the reason for this website is to HELP people with such problems

Well said.

i realy need one. i have no laptops and my mac is OLD and slow

Better get on board then. If the cost is holding you back, make sure you check out the Dell Outlet store in your country. Usually some good deals with warranties available.