Spilled some water, R2 now dead???


Jun 29, 2013

Yesterday i was careless enough to spill some water on top of my keyboard of the laptop (M14X R2), immediatly turned it off, dried it up with some kitchenpaper and then 5 min with the hairdryer on it, i started it back up, damn idiot that i am.., it worked, then tried to plugin my hdmi cable and then it turned off by itself.

Not responding to the power on button whatsoever. openend the laptop up and completely dried it up with the hairdryer. (carefully, so the soldering would not melt or anything would overheat)
now plugged the battery back in (HDD, Keyboard not yet plugged in) to test but still not responding to the power on button...

I assume my motherboard is defective? if i would just order a new motherboard will that fix it or will i need other things too?