Ssd drive


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Dec 21, 2021
Hello all, im a newb with computers and I need some help I have a m17x r2 and it needs a new hard drive. I want a ssd and I know it's a 2.5 but some of the ones I'm looking at say nand or 3d nand. I need to know which style to get. I'm looking at wd blue or kingston. Please help


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
That is just the way that the SSD is made and it allows for larger storage in a smaller footprint. It shouldn't impact what SSD you go for. Any 2.5" Sata SSD will do the job. The Crucial MX and BX range are good and they are what I get when I'm doing a rebuild. The Kingston is also a good budget SSD. I've heard some bad reviews on the WD drives so I haven't tried them yet. The Samsung EVO or QVO drives are usually the best but also the most expensive.


Dec 29, 2021
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Any 2.5 inch SSD will work. Two things to search for in spec sheets and reviews is the type of memory (SLC, MLC, TLC, or QLC) and whether there is a DRAM cache. SLC is one bit of data per cell, MLC is two bits, TLC is three, and QLC is four. The more bits per cell, the cheaper the drive, but the faster it wears out. WD Blue drives look pretty good with TLC memory and a DRAM cache. In short, you'll have to weigh four metrics: price, capacity, memory type, and presence of a DRAM cache.