SSD+HDD+RAM brands selection

So, i just baught a Area-51 (new model) off a guy last thursday and there are two things that seem to be bottle necking it at the moment.. First off, the hard drive is a Samsung HD642JJ (7200Rpm), Im not sure what the deal is, but booting windows and opening programs seems to be insanely slow. (The HDD monitor shows the bandwidth maxing out) Once everything is open, I have no problems running anything. So im wondering if you guys have a preference on Brand/model of a SSD for boot and perhaps one or two hard drives for general storage.

Im currently running a Kingston HyperX SSD w/ a WD black HDD for data in my G74 laptop. I absolutely love how quick everything is to open and how stable everything seems to be. But there may be a general better choice for a desktop for all I Know.

The other thing that is close to be a limiting factor is the RAM, It only has 6gigs in it. It frequently sits at about 50%-60% just at desktop. So Im looking to get your opinions on what manufacturer makes a good quality stick of ram, as I have no experience on the desktop field.

My budget isnt really too strict, though Keeping a price-performance ratio is always nice. Though Im looking for more of a brand/ series preference if you have them.