SSD options

Just bought my Alienware 14 and I am wondering if all of them support mSata SSD drives? I know there are different tiers so not sure if all the tiers supported it. I am waiting for my computer in the mail as was hoping to buy SSD now

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Would it be better to just buy a full SSD drive instead of msata?


Dec 26, 2012
It depends on your budget you can get 512gb msata and keep your other harddrive for storage or you could go for a 1tb ssd the prices have came down in price a lot. I have a m4 512gb ssd and I have a good few games on and other programs and I'm not even half full. The only advantage of getting a msata ssd is you could keep your normal harddrive for storage. So as ive said it depends on your budget and usage hope this helps