SSD Upgrade X51 R1 Cables

Hi all - Just a quick question. I am i'd say a slight amateur when it comes to upgrading my X51, I have upgraded my GPU etc without any fuss but an SSD is a first I must say.

All i need to know is, would the below SSD be okay in my x51 (bought 2012). And is it good value for ££?

If so, could some one also point out the cables i would need to get to get it all installed correctly? (from the same website if possible would be superb).

I have looked at the sticky with the below cables, but not sure if they are still the ones i would need?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Jun 25, 2013
I have been holding off on doing the same upgrade for 8 months due to funds! I want the 1TB Samsung SSD but its still £350!
Anyway, i have already purchased the Y cable as shown in your post and the data cable (Sata) i have even pulled the covers off to see what is involved to connect them up to the SSD once i have it.

So in summary, i believe you have the right cables there for that SSD and install of the physical parts is the easy bit.

Good luck.