Started playing again

I played for 6 years and left due to my son's and friends stopped. I have found a game very much like WOW but free Neverwinter. The difference is they do a lot more updating to keep things moving. I did get a free 7 days on wow couple months ago your right it still is fun and all mu stuff was still there. If you ever decide to come to Neverwinter Iam a guild leader there and we have over 100 members you can have a spot..
Oh man, WoW. I remember those days since Vanilla lol. I was main tank for our guild on Silver Hand, but stopped playing maybe 3+ years ago. I think after that Kung-Fail Panda Expansion, I kinda never went back. Plus Star Wars had come out and I started playing that with my brother. I also got a free 7 day, "We miss you" email and maybe used about 3 days.