Stuttering on Alienware 17 R5 with GTX 1070


New Member
Nov 20, 2018
Hi guys,
when im gaming i get stuttering all the time at any game, by looking on GPU-Z it shows that my GPU load/vram drops to 0% in that moment and also shows it`s due to "VREL", what does it mean? What should i do about this?

I`ve seen some people talking about this same issue on the 17 R4, and they`ve got this fixed by changing the thermal pads on the VRMs, is it the same problem? Also, this laptop is only 3 months old, should i try tech support before? I ask you this because from what i`ve seen DELL haven`t done sh*t about this problem on the R4s, at least from the cases that i rode about.

Thanks in advance guys.