Sudden Shutdowns


New Member
Apr 11, 2018
The 3 year warranty just expired so I gotta try to troubleshoot on my own.

I think it's the Alienware 17x not sure about specs as I can't get it to turn on long enough.

Started a week ago just randomly shutting off with no warning. There is no battery so it's always plugged in. I just assumed it got pulled out and lost the connection.

But last night I am on Steam to play sims 3 and I'm not even touching it I walked away and it just shuts off and won't turn back on.

I check the cables and everything is plugged in and tight.

I'm fairly certain that overheating isn't the problem because it doesn't feel hot at all and the temps are not hot in the task manager when I checked for CPU and GPU they are both always under 30.

All day I have been trying to turn it on and now I'm not even trying to play a game. Just searching the web trying to troubleshoot it only stays on 30 secs to 5 mins Max.

I have stopped everything 3rd party in startup. Not sure how to diagnose the problem.

Boyfriend ran the Alienware diagnostic and nothing on the hardware end is showing up.

What else do I do?