suddenly hangs with weird static noise

this happens suddenly almost randomly. Usually is for 1-3 sec.
the "hang" happens while playing games, videos or even hearing audio files.
I feel most likely because of my laptop heating due to prolonged hours, but noticed today whole day it didn't happen even once!
my drivers and all are up to date, can't seem to figure any solution.

edit: typo in title well doesn't matter
I had a similar problem with my home pc but not my AW laptop. After some lengthy research I determined that it was because of an IRQ issue between the graphics and audio. After removing the audio card and reinstalling drivers, the problem corrected itself. My hang was also accompanied by a rather loud click/pop noise as well. But, as soon as I made the slight change the problem no longer occurs.
What exactly do you mean by "hangs"?

somewhat what EMT911inWI said. Sudden pop up like thing which lasts for 1-3 sec at max and completely random, where the pc freezes and get a weird static sound. Some days doesn't happen even once otherwise happens quiet some times!

thanks for the suggestion I might try doing that. I think I might be missing out in some audip drivers coz this didn't happen before I formatted my laptop, and never happened in my old crap hp pavilion.
I honestly don't remember, just that when I got my M14x back in December that time I didn't face this issue. Then later I re-formatted, updated and did what not and can't exactly say when this started happening and what could be the reason behind it. Before I used to ignore it as it hardly used to occur but of late the "frequency" has increased