Suspicious squeaking sound

Hi all,

I purchased the X51 R3 at the beginning of January, new off the Dell website.

My chosen parts include (nothing customised post-purchase) just in case this combination of parts makes a difference in some way:
DVD Drive
1.81tb hard drive with 223gb SSD.

I have found over the past month at random my computer squeaks. Not during gaming, but just general use. Have any of you also had this problem?

It's a single highish pitched squeak sound, maybe something like a mouse squeaking, maybe like a door creaking (though over in less than a second and then finished). In terms of frequency. It's completely at random with no pattern I can figure out or any particular reason for it occurring. It is not something I can make occur by doing anything specific. Sometimes it can happen up to every 2-3 minutes. Mostly it seems to happen around every half hour of general use. I even had a period of nearly a week it didn't squeak at all. The sound is coming from the computer. In looking online and doing my own research I just in any build of PC haven't found anything that sounds like what I'm finding with my pc so I'm not sure whether I should be concerned or look to do something about it. But it is annoying and something I'd like fixed, harmful or not to the pc.

Absolutely no idea what the issue is. Everything works as it should otherwise.

Is this a common issue or something I should be getting calling Dell about? Would they likely repair the computer on the spot? Replace it entirely and send me a new one? What are Dell's processes generally? This would be my first experience dealing with Dell regarding diagnosis of a problem/warranty/repair so I guess some insight into what may need to happen and how Dell may respond as a result would be helpful to know, be it they shove me aside and say there is nothing wrong with the PC, repair it or replace it entirely.

Would love to hear some thoughts from other Alienware users before I get in touch with Dell. But with the computer being like this for the past month I've had enough and I'm at the stage where I feel something needs to be done.



Jan 29, 2016
Hello! I'm not too sure what the squeaking noise is...I have read that majority of people have the GPU fan rubbing on a cable causing it to make some noise and overheat. Your best bet would be to contact Dell support, just in case something goes wrong later down the road.