System Fan at 0 RPM (0%)


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Dec 29, 2016
Recently I've been encountering "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" and when I'm restarting my pc sometimes it would not boot and just beep 6 times over and over I read its about the video card so I checked around my pc settings and and thermal controls and I noticed that the system fan is not working and its always at 0 RPM. Is that normal? Do I need to open up my pc and check on something?

I've never encountered this before and I have no idea what to do.. please help me and thanks in advance :)
I have an R4.



Jan 9, 2013

a few things I notice about your CmndCntr capture:
  • there is no CPU Pump status widget (status should be running or failed)
  • you have a CPU fan speed widget (you should not have that)
Take your side panel off & compare your top light strip wiring to the photo above of factory wiring:
  • the radiator fan plugs into the left Sys_Fan header, it becomes your 'system fan' in CmndCntr
  • note the middle CPU _Fan header is always left empty
  • micro fan in the roof gets power from Mem_Fan
  • Cooling pump gets power from the black 7pin
  • the 'orange' strip harness is fully seated (far right)
I suspect your radiator fan is plugged into CPU_Fan -if so - plug it into Sys_Fan (CPU Fan widget should dispappear from CmndCntr + System Fan should now read an RPM):
  • seat or reseat the orange harness into its connector, both at the light strip, & the daugherboard i.e. reseat both ends of the cable
See if doing these things makes the CPU Pump widget appear ... the basic proper UI for CmndCntr Thermals is shown here from AlienServices