System Restore Problem, need Help

Hello my friends,

I am using Windows 8 64 bit,
when i use the recovery disk first it give me 2 options:

1- Run the program from your hard drive (recommended)
2- Run the program from your system recovery disk

--> I cant change the option 1 , because it says "Recovery Partition Not Found". I dont have the recovery partition anymore, I cant use Alien Respawn.
Ok, i choose option 2.

Then it let me choose an image to restore to. I choosed the Factory Image.

Now 2 more options avaliable:

1- Factory Refresh - Only restore the system partition and keeps other partitions contents

2- Factory Recovery - Deletes data & resets all partitions

Now i choosed option 2 . It start the restore without giving me option to choose what drive will be the OS drive. I cant choose SSD.

When the restore is over the Operating System Windows 8 is installed in the hard drive, not in SSD as it came from factory.. And is is failing to boot, ive made a video of whats happening.

Obs: in Bios i have AHCI mode selected and mSata first option in Boot priority.
Any suggestion to solve this ?

Thanks a lot !!!
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