Testing motherboard ???


Jul 7, 2016
Hi everyone. I have a M17X R2 with dual HD5870M gpu. I wanna know how can i test the motherboard to see if its working? I get no signal on the screen, black screen and nothing on external port(hdmi or vga). i dont wanna buy a gpu and then if its still not working buy a motherboard. The laptop starts, keyboard is getting power and the alien logo plus the head on the top lid. Charging is no problem. It has 4GB of ram. If both are connected nothing happens. If only 1 ram is connected then I get a blinking capslock and Numlock. Any thoughts? Ideas? I can hear the system starting and the hdd working and when i shut the laptop down it takes a few seconds. Tryed to swap the gpus and still no change of working( maybe both gpus are dead). Or ? Please help!