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The Acronym Reference Thread


Feb 2, 2012
I would like to compile a list of Acronyms that can assist others in understanding what we mean. Post them up here and I'll work on keeping the list updated and organized. It can reference PC parts, Places, Games, Brands etc.

I'll start off with the easy ones....

AW = Alienware
AWA = Alienware Arena
AWO = Alienware Owners
C2D = Core Two Duo
CPU = Central Processing Unit
FPS = Frames Per Second
GB = Gigabyte
GPU = Graphics Processing Unit
HDD = Hard Disk Drive
KB = Keyboard
LAN = Local Area Network
MOBO = Motherboard
MOD = Modify
OC = Overclock, Overclocking
PC = Personal Computer
RAM = Random Access Memory
SHIT = Someone Helping Internet Trolls
SSD = Solid State Drive
VRAM = Virtual Random Access Memory
PSU = Power Supply Unit
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GPU = Graphics Processing Unit
LAN = Local Area Network
RAM = Random Access Memory
VRAM = Virtual Random Access Memory
FPS = Frames Per Second
GB = Gigabyte
SHIT = Someone Helping Internet Trolls :p
C2D = Core Two Duo (older processor)
PC = Personal Computer (everyone on the internet should know this)
FUBAR! = :mad:

You put MB as motherboard, but I think most people would associate MB with Megabyte. I usually type out motherboard or MBoard
KB for keyboard? But wouldn't most poeple think kilobyte?
Beyond that there's:
PSU = Power Supply Unit (?)
(unrelated to hardware):
F2P = Free to play
PvP = Player versus Player
RTS = Real-Time Strategy
FPS (all-caps) = First-Person Shooter
TPS (rare) = Third-Person Shooter
There are more but I just got out of classes and I confess that I'm kind of brain dead, haha!