The R4 and Oculus Rift S


Jun 1, 2013
My granddaughters have my R4 now. I had a tech install a power usb 3.1 to power the headset for the Oculus Rift but he can't get it to work. The game worked for about 5 minutes and stopped. He also installed the app from steam to make sure the computer was compatable and it passed all 5 check marks. Everything seems to checkout ok. He's now saying it might be the motherboard is to old and won't support usb 3.1 or the Oculus. Is that possible? Has anyone else run into this? Running out of options... They are running the game off Steam, could it be steam. The last thing, my daughter said he took the Oculus Rift home hooked it up on his computer and it work just fine. I'm hoping it's something simple. :( thanks