The Walking Dead Video Game

so the walking dead game just came out not to long ago and i tried it today
I was blown away on how great the game truly is! even though its just episode one it was one of the better story telling games!
CHECK IT OUT!!! if your a walking dead fan then this is a must get!!
its super surprising, i was skeptical at first, but walking dead fans will love the game!:D
Play it because the game does not follow the show or comics. It runs concurrent with the comics at the beginning of the apocalypse. You get to play and determine how the character's story plays out. The decisions you make in this episode carry over into the other episodes. I can't wait to give it a try.
How is this game compared to Left 4 Dead or Dead Island? I might just give it a try, seeing that everyone is having such a fun time.

It is a point and click adventure in the same vain a The Jurassic Park video game but 1000% less annoying. While there is some combat that is secondary or even 3 third place to the other aspects of the game which is Character Driven Narrative with consequences for the decisions you make.

Or so I have heard for the several podcasts I have listened about it and from the people I know playing it.