The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition


Feb 21, 2012
I've played the first witch but got bored/caught in the middle of other games while doing that so never had the chance to finish it. Tried the witcher 2 but my desktop was struggling a bit so I let that go. Might give it a try now that I got my m17x but meh, so much stuff to play lately and so little time to do that.


Feb 4, 2012
Yeah I played the first a bit as well and got bored or caught up in other games. Though I do not know if the boredom was due to the game Witcher itself or that I just had more exciting games to play. And honestly I did not give the game a fair chance as far as playing it and getting to know it. Graphics were great though.
I have both witcher's installed and I'm trying to play through part one but the constant freezes back to desktop which is a known issue is getting old fast. My R4 should be able to handle this game in its sleep and it does but the constant bollocks and the no longer support of witcher 1 means I am most likely to miss out on a great series. Why play part 2 If I havent played part 1. I did that with Dragon Age also.