Thermal Control shutdown on start up.?


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Jun 25, 2017
hello , when i start up this area 51 . The window comes up saying thermal controller then it stops responding. I have spoke with support they had me reinstall command center. But it does the same thing. Not sure if it is just a software issue or what I have done hardware test in BIOS and dells test all passed . When I first got this PC I got a new ssd drive and I removed all hard drives installed the ssd put the windows 7 CD that came with the PC. Windows installed fine update to service pack 1. All was good really fast no problems. I put the alienware resource CD in. Started installing drivers . That's when it all went south. The PC on start pop the thermal controller window and freezes up . Lost. Lol thanks for any help.


Apr 30, 2017
Check you have all the latest drivers. All up to date.

I had a similar problem my thermal control would show up on the taskbar wouldn't expand on the screen.
Funny enough I right clicked it and maximized it and presto is on the screen now fully extended.


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Feb 14, 2018
There must be a bug in that thermal control program. Within hours of turning on my new R4 system, I had the thermal control lock up at full screen. I was unable to even close it as it beeped every time I clicked anywhere on it. I have seen problems like this before and usually there is a popup somewhere on my monitors that is asking for a response such as "allow this program to run" or "are you sure". There was none. I even cleared the desktop to see if a popup was behind the sensor panel. I ended up having to terminate the sensor control using the task manager.

I upgraded my bios from 1.1.2 to 1.1.7 and noticed it would not boot, consistently resetting after splash screen. I pressed F2 to enter setup. I did not see anything wrong but it seemed that when I selected "save" when exiting the problem got fixed. I suspect their firmware support failed to put in a message to the effect that the bios had changed and setup had to be entered. The system has been running just fine since with no problem rebooting.

Do you know if dell support read this forum?