Thermal Controller Issue X51 R3


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Dec 19, 2016

I am wondering if other owners have this issue with their X51 R3.

I have noticed that the Thermal Controller Icon disappears in the Taskbar after I play certain games.

After computer startup, I have checked the Processes Tab on the Task Manager. The Thermal process is on average using 9.0 MB and .2% processor.

After playing a game (example: Fallout 4), the Thermal Controller Icon disappears in the tray and the process in the Task Manager drops to 1.4 MB and 0% processor.

So at this point, is the Thermal Controller running and doing it's job or has the process basically crashed?

I have had this issue from day one on two separate x51 R3's.

Just curious if others have noticed this.


-------------- UPDATE -------------

I was able to figure out why the Thermal Services would hang. I keep my desktop in 3840 X 2160 and run my games at 1440P. The Thermal Services would hang when some games changed resolution. I set my desktop to 1440P and now the services stay active.

Since the Command Center hasn't seen an update in a long while I doubt sending in a bug report would help but I'll give it a shot.
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