think found my new home


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
plan to now its way more calmer here then the ther place called home. when i goot there t was lad back and no one argued now its not the same as a year ago

That's why I like it too. We are all friends here with the same fondness for Alienware. You can discuss things and have different opinions than other people without getting stupid about it. If people want to troll there are plenty of other places they can do it.


Feb 2, 2012
i have been here fr a bit but not to active. well im gonna be ive decided t make ths my new home. ths place reminds me of another place when i first got there. very laid back and not to many i knw everythngs. thank you tommy

I'm glad to hear that! :) As always...many thanks to all the members who make this a great place! +1 other site 0 ;)

Good to hear that your going to be more active. See you around the forums :cool:

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Feb 26, 2012
i mean i might argue hardware but i dont know everything about it and i have taken a path with my aurora that alot dare not to stroll. i fn liquid cooled my gpus in this thing and i have a hardware guru on my friends list lol dieselss. i just hated that other people would want to argue what i knew and have seen even after proving them wrong. not once have i seen that when i pop in on here.