Thinking of buying an X51.

Hi all,

Been thinking of getting an X51 and had a couple of questions.

- will I be able to swap the 2 drives to a Samsung 840 evo 1tb SSD + 2.5 WD Green WD20NPVT 2TB?

- If not what are the largest capacity drives that the X51 can take?

- Is 16GB RAM the maximum?

Thank you.


May 4, 2012
The x51 can have up to 4 drives.

Using the stock dual drive mount, you can put 2 laptop hdds in there.

If you use the stock single drive mount you can put up to a 4tb 3.5inch hdd there, then using double sided tape you can put a ssd on the top of the dvd drive cage.

THere is a combo msata/mpcie slot that can take either a msata drive or a wifi card.

If you remove the dvd drive, you can put 2 laptop drives in that location, and then a single 4tb 3.5inch drive in the stock location.

On mine (r1) I have 2 laptop (2.5inch) hdds where the dvd drive goes, then a single 1tb in the stock location.

16gb is the max as it only has 2 slots.... though the cpu supports 32gb.

EDIT: since you are looking at a 2tb 2.5inch drive, I think those are 15mm, so it would have to be on the top slot of the dual drive cage to fit right.
Thank you for the reply.

It sounds abit daunting for me as I'm by no means an expert when it comes to messing around inside a computer.

If I were to use 4 drives would I need more internal wires (to power the drives)? As the stock case only comes with 2?

What if I do not want to sacrifice the blu-ray player and just do a straight swap?
I'm getting the dual drive model and have decided on swapping the stock drives for :


HDD - SAMSUNG Spinpoint M9T 2TB Sata III 6Gb/s 2.5" 9.5mm

Will these drives be compatible at all? Need to know before spending money on them.