This is what I’ve got. I know not what I have. I would love to see it in better hands than my own. Please help


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Jun 19, 2020
Burleson, TX
Here’s the story and I might be wasting my time even telling it but here it is.

A wealthy man bought this computer for his kids for Christmas of 2001. He bought the best money could buy. Christmas came around, kids got the computer. Everything is great.

Sometime before New Years dad got on the new computer and guessed it PORN. Then he got viruses. This is back in the AOL days when you just couldn’t stop the pop ups. He tried to fix it, he got more viruses. He disconnected the kids $3,600 Christmas present and shoved all of it into the back of his closet. There it sat, till 2018 when I got my hands on it. I play the games, always have, I used to have dreams about this machine but I don’t know shit about programming/viruses/etc etc. so my brother came over, broke thru to windows and fixed the virus’s issue. Played some original command and conquer if I remember right then we put it back in the box. It works, she works just fine. Might be a missing a cable or 2.....I might have borrowed them. I would like this thing to go to someone who really wants it. I was about to post it on Facebook for $50.


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