Time Capsule


Nov 5, 2019
ccs.jpg ccs.jpg This is one of the four memory sticks that originally came with my machine. It is an example of the superiority of this brand from the beginning until today. It is a 512 Mb. 400 Mhz Ultra speed from Corsair. How to explain the feeling of owning equipment like this in a time when a single of these things where plenty to run flawlessly any Windows machine, so having four of these was an exaggeration of system resources. This machine used to have its own telephone number! There was a brand at that time who competed closely against Alien, I believe Falcon Northwest was the name. Have no idea what happened to them since I had to be “put away” for a few due to certain activities that long ago I used this machine for. Heck. They even confiscated it!. One day my lawyer showed up with a plea deal and I told him if it did not include me getting back my computer I wasn’t signing no stinky agreement. It took a few more weeks but as you can see, I got it back. As I told you guys before, I’m old and sorry if this is not the right website to share this but I guess is part of the folklore and the attachment that this equipment creates with its owner. Is like if they have a soul. And for what I see here, you guys really care about yours too.ccs.jpg