Transferring x51 R1 to a new case


Jan 23, 2014
Want to transfer my x51 r1 to a new case, because i want a psu with higher wattage and more space for my gpu. Came to this conclusion because the rx 480 probably wont work due to the r1 powerboard and the gtx 1060 is hella overpriced in Aus.

A few Questions so this can work out well.

Will I need to buy a new motherboard? I'm fine if my case has no io shield.

Will I need to buy some thermal paste? Will i need to remove the cpu fan in the process of the move and thus require to reapply some thermal paste.

Are These parts promising and am I missing something. to new case

All Replies are appreciated. :)


Mar 16, 2014
The original motherboard is standard M-ITX mounting pattern so that is fine, just no IO shield. If you want a shield there are a ton on ebay. Maybe you can find one close enough to mod.

You will need thermal paste only if you remove you current cpu fan. If you plan on a better cpu or over clocking you may need to upgrade your fan.

On the case take your time and decide where you want it and how big you want it. If you are still really like the bigger Alienware cases find a used one and drop it all into it. Can't see inside so no one will know you have only a M-ITX motherboard and will have room to go with a bigger moterboard later on. That goes with a lot of the other used cases as well, I have a personal preference on the used older Lian Li case. A lot of them are premium cases that weigh a lot. But that is because they are very well made. Some of there newer ones aren't as well made.

It's all going to depend on how portable vs future upgrades you want.