Tribes Ascend / BBF

Hey guys, I couldn't think of another place appropriate for this so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Hello potential members of ClanBBF. I would like to first inform you that Baptized by Fire has been running successfully for 12 years and continues to expand and grow in multiple genres of online video gaming. We take pride in our membership dedication and the hard work put forth from our strong user based community.

Baptized by Fire is looking for members to represent our Tribes Ascend division. As the newly opened division continues to grow, we look forward to having our competitive aspect along with our non-competitive aspect to the game. The division is continuing to grow and flourish, amongst our division we have top caliber players as well as new comers to the game looking to improve their skill and knowledge within the Tribes environment.

Are you a low skilled player? That’s okay, as mentioned above;the clan doesn’t recruit based solely on skill. As a matter of fact, our officers and high skilled players have devoted their time to helping the lower caliber players improve their knowledge and skill inside the game. We offer coaching advice and guides to help you better your game play and improve it whilst gaming alongside the clan members.

Are you a competitive player? Perfect, ClanBBF is looking to expand their game play into online leagues and tournaments. We will be hosting internal tournaments, events and practices which will all help our division members gain pride to the clan itself. Other than internal tournaments, we look to expand our game play from the Tribes Ascend ladder rankings to the online leagues that are currently hosting Tribes Ascend tournaments.

ClanBBF doesn’t recruit based on skill towards the games we play; instead we look toward promoting and sustaining our clan community environment by influencing our members to stay active within their divisions and amongst the community message boards. We encourage our members to take part in forums and actively join our team speak 3 server to help sustain activity amongst the community.

Why join ClanBBF? You should consider joining the clan because we have the friendliest user membership and a large amount of daily activity and fun filled events. Our clan is not a 1 video game organization, we are currently supporting 5 different areas of gaming, including MW3 Xbox, MW3 PC, League of Legends, and Minecraft. We also take part in playing multiple other games on a daily basis, everything from Star Wars the Old Republic to Battlefield 3. It’s a great way to create diversity knowledge in multiple different games.

What does ClanBBF have to offer? For the lower skilled players, we currently offer online vocal coaching and help during our practice and online times. Currently we have a few new comers who are learning so we’re doing a lot of training and guides to help them adapt to the changes brought to them by the great environment of Tribes Ascend. We offer a teamspeak 3 server which is available to all of our members; and of course a powerful active website (link below). A mature, friendly and outgoing environment fit for anyone to join; and multi-gendered memberships

To find out more, or to apply please feel free to visit to our website @

My name is Commy1, I am the First Lieutenant in the Baptized By Fire Tribes competition team and we at BBF want you guys to help us be the best. I along with our CGC (Major Combat Company Commander) EC_Lee, who has had more than 10 years of Tribes 1 and 2 ladder experience will do everything we can to get us there.

Thank you for your time. Hope to see you there.