Trying to upgrade my area 51 R1 (2010) with an R5 motherboard (oem). Possible?

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Jan 25, 2017
Hello, I'm wanting to try to upgrade my alienware x58 motherboard (2010) to an alienware r5 (2018-19) (x299?) with an i9 cpu. My question concerns compatibility with the older case and connectivity with case lighting, and cooling. Im doubting that the older aio would be able to cool an i9 sufficiently and wonder about what the newer command center would do as well. My basic specs are; i7 970 2.36 Ghz, 12 GB ram, evga 980Ti Classified, Windows 7 64 bit, reluctantly upgrading to win 10 as well . Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Jan 9, 2013
Hi, I have an R2 X99 mthrbrd (XJKKD) sitting inside of an R1 case as a project, but it needs a CPU & DDR4 mem

There are two x299 mthrbrds, the R4 board HJ5Y7 was refused a Bios update to run Gen9 chips, so the R5 N4R4N board is preferred

The R4/R5 boards have a type of proprietary USB 2.0 / Front Panel header connector (see photo), you'll have to purchase them from Dell; Threadripper R3 R6 R7 board shown, Intel needs x2 0NX92 USB cables
HJ5Y7 USB 27J7M 0NX92.jpg
Original X58 mthrbrd has x3 USB 2.0 headers, most modern mthrbrds have just one or two USB 2.0 headers, a USB hub is preferred when needed, there are several types of USB Hub (expander, header multiplier), example

Search eBay for loose items like temp sensors the board uses (search term Area 51 R4 R5 etc, filter price low to high & scan for loose items), check back often if none are found, contact Dell as last resort

'New' CmndCntrs' aren't needed, you'll use the R1 MIO board so u need R1 CmndCntr: 2.8.9 should install without a 'block', 2.8.11 (last final version)should have a block, here's how to get around it > How to Install Command Center for a Non-Alienware Motherboard >


You can try a better CPU AIO cooler, I'd avoid the H80i (120x49mm types), a 240mil (~27mm or 38mm wide) should be ok, 360mil won't fit without serious case mod (dremel); cooler will need to be X299 2066 (2011) compatible; below is my X99 + Asetek 570LX
PTDC0027 - Copy.JPG

You're welcome to try a standard retail X299 board as well
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