Unusual Problem

Hi everyone! Sorry to be one of those new people with a problem but I have scoured the internet looking for any sort of solution to this problem, I have a few suspicions but I thought I'd chuck out some of the symptoms and see what I heard back.

I will be doing stuff on my laptop it could be gaming, watching movies, working with music on it doesn't matter as it's happened during all of them. The screen suddenly goes grey, solid block of colour grey and I can occasionally still hear sound playing in the background. A few times it has gone black and grey vertical stripes. I will take pictures next time it happens, I rather stupidly thought I'd screen shot it next time it happened...

My suspicions were it was a heating problem, but I have been testing it out with HWiNFO initially to see if it was a CPU or GPU problem personally I thought it was my ATi HD7970M. Anyway so far I haven't seen any issues when surfing the web so far, will test it out with games. It happened with Minecraft last time which was slightly confusing, not the most demanding of games.

So if anyone has any ideas I am all ears because it's getting a tad annoying. Updates on my testing will follow as well of course incase anybody else is having this problem and thanks for reading folks!
Hi all, thanks for the quick response and sorry that mine has been rather slow. Rather luckily my new SSD arrived so I had a completely fresh install to do anyway. This has been done, so a clean install of the GPU drivers has also been done with it. Unfortunately the problem is still occurring, I think I have managed to conclude that this problem happens only when set to the dedicated card only. During the install I had it on the integrated card for quite some time without incident. Will try plugging it into my desktop screen to see what happens. I got a picture of the last example of it happening.



Apr 15, 2013
I agree with Matty - appears the graphics card may be at fault - Happened to my rig a week after I got it, no grey screen like you get - it just went out and all I had was the integrated intel card. The bios should have diagnostics in it, run the graphics test and see what happens. When and if you call support they will have you run the diags too...